Fronberg Guss GmbH today is
a wholly owned subsidiary of Gienanth GmbH

Fronberg Guss have made a name for themselves as suppliers of large-scale hand-moulded castings. The company can look back on 550 years of history.

Our current capacity is 11,000 tons per year.
Presently, the company has more than 170 employees.

We are located in Bavaria – more exactly in the Upper Palatinate region at the major district town of Schwandorf. The company’s facility which is still referred to as “the iron mill” by the residents was built on a small island surrounded by a brook called “Hammergraben” and by the Naab river.

Fronberg Guss GmbH was named after Fronberg borough of Schwandorf where the foundry is located. For generations, jobs at the foundry have been passed on by the fathers to their sons – and this is still true today.

The company was founded as a hammer mill under the banner of the “bells” for manufacturing sheet metal, wire and arms.
The company became a member of the Amberg Association of Hammer Mills to ensure iron ore supplies.
Operation as a hammer mill for iron and arms during the Thirty Years’ War.
Afterwards the mill was no longer in the public eye.
Incorporation of a foundry.
Installation of a turbine (which replaced 3 waterwheels) for driving a rolling mill for iron fines to produce bar iron.
The facility was taken over by “Maxhütte”.
The rolling mill was shut down.
Production of machine-formed glass was started.
The facility was modernized and expanded until 1952,
for instance new buildings were erected to house a foundry and a core shop, and a mechanical shop was built.
The facility was taken over by Luitpoldhütte AG of Amberg.
The facility was turned into an independent company named Giesserei Fronberg GmbH but remained a subsidiary of Luitpoldhütte AG.
In January, the company was adopted by Novaterra Holding.
In July, it was filed for bankruptcy.
After the foundry had experienced a difficult and uncertain time, Fronberg Guss GmbH was founded by Gienanth GmbH as an independent subsidiary in April.

Since the adoption of our company, we have increased our staff from 133 to more than 170 employees.
We can look back on 550 years of history and are happy to place at the disposal of our customers our know how especially in respect of multi-core castings for the manufacture of small to medium lot sizes in compliance with highest quality standards.